Contraceptive and sexual health services

Brook and the Family Planning Association have published Unprotected Nation: The financial and economic impacts of restricted contraceptive and sexual health services. The report argues that short-sighted reforms to contraception and other sexual health services could lead to a significant increase in the number of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, resulting in £137 billion extra healthcare and benefits costs by 2020. It estimates that there could be 22,000 more NHS abortions each year by 2020, if services continue to be cut at their current rate, as well as an extra 91,620 more sexually transmitted disease cases.

Brook chief executive Simon Blake said that restrictions to contraception services would particularly impact on young people “who have to navigate this void alongside a black hole in sex and relationships education programmes”. The report states that improving access to contraceptive and sexual health services could achieve savings of between £3.7bn and £5.1bn by 2020.


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