Birmingham, Newcastle and North Lincolnshire

Birmingham City Council has published a consultation document outlining £110m of savings for 2013/14. This includes cuts of more than £23m from its children, young people and families budget, with voluntary sector services for children and young people seeing a £4.4m reduction as well as reductions to youth services and CAMHS. The West Midlands Social Work Action Network has said there has been a lack of consultation on plans to cut local child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) funding by two thirds and children’s preventative services by 38 per cent.

Newcastle City Council has said it needs to find an extra £10m worth of cuts, on top of the £90m it already had to find. The Evening Chronicle reports that the council “is being forced to close libraries, swimming pools and cut youth services”. A letter to the Guardian said that Newcastle is also making a 100% cut to arts funding and closing 11 of its 18 public libraries, as well as reducing the play and youth services, “leaving children and young people without leisure, cultural or community facilities.”

North Lincolnshire Council is proposing to outsource the majority of existing youth service provision. Council documents seen by CYP Now “suggest the plans will save the council £150,000 during 2013/14 and result in an equivalent loss of eight full-time youth service posts, affecting 74 part-time staff in total.” A youth-worker’s blog said that the council plans to offer grants of £10,000 to applicants who want to run services. The council said that overall the youth services budget would stay as £600,000.


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