Spending on local authority youth services

Shadow Education Minister Karen Buck has asked a Parliamentary Question about changes in outturn spending, in real terms, on local authority youth services. She asked about the percentage change in between 2010-11 and 2011-12 and for a ranking of each local authority by per capita expenditure in (a) 2010-11 and (b) 2011-12. The results have been placed in the House of Commons library. They show that there has been a 26.92% decrease in spending on local authority youth services between 2010-11 and 2011-12, from from 1.2 billion to 883 million. In 19 local authorities the decrease in spending on youth services was over 50%.

The report adds that “There are known data quality issues with some LA’s s251 Budget returns. The issues effect the ‘Youth Work’ lines within Table 1 of the 251 Budget return which have been used to populate this table, with several LAs either submitting incorrect data or leaving the field blank in error.” (NCVYS is unsure why these figures are significantly different from the Government’s figures, published earlier in October, on services for young people. These were published in the Department for Education report, 2012-13 Planned Expenditure on Schools, Education, Children and Young People’s Services and Social Care by Local Authorities.)


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