Essex, West Sussex, Berkshire and Hull

Southend Borough Council has admitted that cuts to local youth services are a key factor in the lack of use of a two-year old £2.9m youth centre. CYPNow reports that, “Some of the rooms at the Shoebury Youth Centre in Southend, including a computer room and recording studio, have been locked up because the facility is failing to attract young people in the area.”

West Sussex County Council has shut Oriel Youth Wing as part of its £2 million savings programme, but Oriel High School, where the youth wing was based, has now said it will be extending its own youth provision to replace what was lost.

A plan for a drop-in youth centre run by Crowthorne Baptist Church’s HopeZone has been withdrawn, “in light of recent objections from residents and fears about anti-social behaviour as a result of the centre”.

Hull City Council has said that up to 90 full-time equivalent posts in the children and young people’s service may be lost. The service is being asked to make £7.6 million of savings this year but forecasts suggest it will not meet that target – predicting a £3.1 million budget overspend.


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