Survey of local authority cuts to young people’s services

A CYPNow survey of local authority heads of young people’s services, published in August, shows that total spending on provision across local authorities in England has fallen by 12.8 per cent in 2012/13 (this follows a 12.5 per cent cut in 2011/12). Fifty-eight councils responded to the survey and revealed that 787.9 posts have been lost in young people’s services since April 2011. On average, 9.6 posts were lost in each council in 2011/12 and 6.8 posts have gone in each authority so far in 2012/13.

“The survey also found that more than four out of 10 local authorities (41.5 per cent) no longer provide some youth services, with those that are on offer set to be increasingly provided by the third sector. Open-access universal provision has been hit hardest, indicating that authorities are shifting the balance of resources towards more targeted work. Connexions services were also cited as having been cut entirely by three respondents.”

The survey found that around 19 per cent of local authority provision is currently provided through the voluntary and community sector, with five authorities commissioning more than half their services through the sector.


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