Further evidence of cuts to the Voluntary and Community Sector

Clinks has published When the Dust Settles: The impact of the economic downturn and changing policy and commissioning environment on the Voluntary and Community Sector working in criminal justice. The report “indicates that national and local government cuts have resulted in a decrease in the quantity and quality of the services on which the most vulnerable depend. In the past, the charities and not-for-profits organisations have provided a safety net for those whose needs are not met by the public sector. But with large cuts to the public sector services coinciding with cuts to the not-for-profit sector, some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable are falling through the gaps. Eighty percent of organisations which responded to a Clinks survey are struggling to cope with a decrease in income, while simultaneously experiencing increasing demand both in terms of quantity and complexity.” The report includes details of the impact of changes on services to Bradford Youth Development Partnership.

NAVCA has published Focus on deprived communities: Evidence to support the call for a second wave of transition funding in the 2012 Budget. The report “evidences the impact of public spending cuts since 2010 on the local voluntary sector… [and] says that for the first time since the 1960s there is no government regeneration programme to support areas of deprivation. Since coming to power the Government has ended the Working Neighbourhoods Fund and the Performance Reward Grant. The report provides evidence of how this has adversely affected local voluntary action.” It includes a section on ‘The impact and implications of the August 2011 disturbances’ and suggests that the remedies proposed to the disturbances lack coherence.


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