Bristol, North Somerset and Merton

Bristol Council has agreed an amended budget including £27 million of cuts with around 350 job losses. There will be £5 million less for childrens services which, according to the Labour leader, includes £1 million less for the youth service. A new scheme to encourage more young people into sport in the Olympic year will be set up, and £200,000 will be spent on helping students aged 16 to 18 with travel costs.

North Somerset Council has voted through savings of £14.4m for the next financial year. This includes plans to cut the youth services budget from £1.1m to just £300,000 over four years, though the council “insists it will continue to provide targeted youth services.”

Merton Council has proposed to make £44m of savings, including: closure of Morden’s Wyvern Youth Club; a £500,000 reduction to early intervention and prevention for vulnerable young people and those at high risk of offending; cuts to activities for young people during the holidays; cuts to support for young people leaving care; and reducing funding for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Full council will discuss the plans on March 7.


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