Camden, Bradford, Somerset and Salford

Camden Council has voted to protect funding for voluntary and community groups providing youth services. £330,000 grant-funding will encourage joint working between the voluntary sector and other organisations within the borough. The council planned in July 2011 to make £2.3m cuts to the integrated youth service budget, taking the budget from £7.8m in 2011/12 to £5.5m in 2012/13. Of the planned savings £300,000 comes from funding fewer activities such as trips or residentials; a further £400,000 from provision, including accreditation and youth sessions; £700,000 from the Connexions services; and the youth offending service was reduced by 31 per cent (£900,000).

Bradford Council has made changes to its budget following “fears that budget cut proposals would hit vulnerable adults and the young unemployed hard”. The budget includes a proposal to establish a £4.5 million fund to help address the problem of rising youth unemployment. It includes £294,000 to help services for children with social educational and behavioural disorders get on to a stronger financial footing and the withdrawal of £24,000 proposed savings for youth services and £50,000 for early years services provided by the voluntary sector. It provides £150,000 to help small groups supporting young people cope with changes in national funding regimes and a commitment to work with the voluntary sector to deliver youth inclusion activities.

Members of Somerset County Council, district councils, the Youth Parliament and young people have passed a resolution calling on the county council to rethink plans to make a 75% cut in Somerset’s youth service budget.

Salford City Council has agreed to make further cuts of £1.3m to youth services, taking the total reduction to £3m in the past two years. The council says that the £1.3m cut to youth services will result in “reduced provision in localities” as well as “significant reductions in careers and employment advice to more than 6,000 young people”.


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