Worcestershire, Isle of Wight and Oldham

Worcestershire County Council, as part of an overall savings programme of £70m, is to cut spending on youth services by £1.4m, leaving £1.1m to be spent annually over the next three years. £1m will be spent each year on more targeted council-delivered provision, focusing on reducing anti-social behaviour and supporting young people at risk of falling out of education, employment or training. The remaining £100,000 will be used to support the voluntary and community sector. An additional £150,000 will be retained by the council to meet any unforeseen needs. From April 2014 the council will also cease to directly deliver youth services. The plans were drawn up following consultation with 2,000 residents, including 1,400 young people.

Ventnor Town Council will cut at least £128,000 from its budget for Youth Services. A council paper says, “The service will be re-structured, with a revised staffing budget and organisational structure put in place by April / May 2012.” A local paper reports that, “the council is looking to completely remove the management of the service from the council. They hope a voluntary organisation or charity to start running it in 2012.”

Oldham Council is proposing to cut 16 jobs through the restructure of the integrated youth service, in order to save £380,000. This is part of wider council cuts of 400 jobs in order to save £24m – more than a tenth of the council’s total budget.


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