Reports show impact of cuts on children, young people and families services

Children’s charity the National Children’s Bureau, with input from NCVO, has published The Ripple Effect. The research finds that the children and young people’s voluntary sector is amongst the hardest hit by government funding cuts and local authority austerity measures. It paints a picture of the children’s voluntary sector as heavily reliant on government funding and less likely to receive funding from the private sector. Just over half of the children’s voluntary sector relies on statutory funding, as opposed to only 38% of the wider voluntary sector. Similarly, children’s charities receive only 1% of their funding from corporate sources, compared to an average of 4% for the entire voluntary sector.

“The research uncovers voluntary organisations who have experienced drastic and sudden cuts in funding with no warning, in the middle of a contract, and the widespread confusion, uncertainty and inconsistencies within and between local authority areas. ”

Children’s charity Action for Children has published The Red Book 2010/11, the first of a series of annual publications which reports whether the UK Coalition Government has been able to protect the most vulnerable children, young people and families. The report finds that over two thirds (68%) of the charity’s service managers have suffered cuts to their budgets for frontline services, of which 37% reported cuts of between 11% and 30%. However, over half (51%) of Action for Children services reported that, compared to six months ago, they are supporting children and families facing more severe problems.

Action for Children conclude “Our findings show that while there are more children in need, cuts to the budgets of vital services mean that increasingly this need cannot be met”. The report suggests that rising unemployment, growing substance misuse, neglect and mental health problems are leaving already vulnerable families at breaking point as frontline support services struggle to cope with demand.


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