Youth services across the country

The September issue of Rapport, the national journal of the Community and Youth Workers Section, includes details of cuts to youth services across the country. This includes:

  • Shropshire, where the budget was cut from £4 million to £3 million.
  • Liverpool, where the Youth & Play has made 29% reductions this year with no guarantees that there won’t be more over the coming months.
  • Leeds, where the Integrated Youth Support Services Professional Support Team “is being dismantled in a process that began several months ago when 2.5 fte posts were lost.”
  • Leicester, where “the decline in funding of Adult Education and the transfer of power and money away from authorities to schools further damaged the Youth Service as some schools used youth centre’s as classrooms.”
  • Lincolnshire, where youth workers are facing a 70% cut in youth work posts.
  • Wiltshire, which is facing a 19% cut from April having lost 9 seniormanagers and merger into an Integrated Youth Service this financial year.
  • Enfield and Ealing, which have responded to a letter from Unite asking them not to cut youth services and have said they have not cut and they value the youth service.

The magazine also includes an article on cuts to the play and playwork sector. Over a third of respondents to a Unite survey of playworkers (37.5%) said their organisations are planning to cut services completely, while almost three quarters (73.8%) say their employers have made cuts or are planning to make cuts. It estimates that tens of thousands of children will be affected by these cuts.


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