Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Essex and Southend

The Guardian has published a report on Norfolk County Council, which has cut all its £4.8m funding for youth services. It says that across the county around 300 projects have closed, many operating out of council-run youth centres. Norfolk County Council has allocated £900,000 of its Early Intervention Grant to support vulnerable young people in the county.

The council wants to use the majority of this funding to support youth activities and projects, by appointing an outside organisation or organisations to develop and support district based Youth Advisory Boards. These boards will make decisions locally on how to support young people. £675,000 of the Early Intervention Grant will be used to fund this new approach to youth work. The remainder will be used to support voluntary and community sector groups, via NCVYS members Momentum, and to continue to provide the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Youth workers in Oxfordshire have gone on strike against the county council’s plans to cut youth service funding from £3.7m to £1.4m. “The council’s 26 youth clubs are set to be replaced by seven ‘early intervention hubs’, with an additional six ‘satellites’, according to a spokesman from Oxfordshire county council. A further nine centres will be run by voluntary organisations, and the remaining four are ‘in discussions with voluntary organisations’, he said.”

Essex County Council is planning to cut 429 posts as part of an ongoing drive to cut costs by £300million a year. “Areas where cuts and job losses will be made include business support, corporate services, schools and education strategy, and the youth service.” Southend Council has also cut youth services, with £3.4million cut from its children and learning department budget as part of an overall £15.5million spending cut. £747,000 was cut from Connexions’ £2.8million budget, leading to the loss of 25 jobs, including 16  frontline youth workers, five support staff and three managers.


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