London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) has published the Big Squeeze 2011. The survey of voluntary and community organisations across London found that 51% have had to close services over the last year and 54% expected further service closures over the next year. It found that preventative services are being disproportionately cut especially in advice, children & young people and health services, and that a disproportionate number of children’s and young people’s statutory and VCS services are closing.

It added, “While the government is emphasising the need for early intervention with young children and to re-focus support on the most vulnerable, there is little recognition within these strategies of the extraordinary circumstances of London. These include: high living and child-care costs, high levels of unemployment and in-work poverty, shortage of part-time work, and large, disadvantaged communities.

For example, the Pupil Premium allocation of £430 per child (allocated to schools based on children’s eligibility for free school meals) does not factor in London weighting (i.e. how much more expensive it is to live in the capital), so children in will benefit less than children in other regions.”


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