Local infrastructure fund

The Office for Civil Society (OCS) has made up to £30 million available in short-term funding to provide better support for front line civil society organisations by transforming local infrastructure services. Big Fund, the non-lottery arm of the Big Lottery Fund, has pledged a further £20million for infrastructure development in the future. Transforming Local Infrastructure, administered by Big Fund, will fund partnerships of local infrastructure organisations to rationalise and transform the support services which they provide to frontline civil society organisations. Grants will be between £250,000 and £400,000 per upper tier local authority area or up to £600,000 for local authority areas that have a population of over one million people. Organisations must register their details online by 5 August 2011.

NCVYS member Volunteering England welcomed the fund but Chief Executive added, “There is no denying that the timetable in the Guidance Notes for drawing together local partnerships within seven weeks (to 2 September) is problematic… We are disappointed by the reliance on reform focussed only at the level of upper tier local authorities. Local support services take on many different forms in different communities, with many highly successful organisations working at community levels.”


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