Services for young people report

The Education Select Committee has published its report into Services for young people. The report “warns that extending the National Citizen Service (NCS) offer to all 600,000 16-year olds could have a price tag in excess of £350 million each year even if only 50% of young people take part. This would make it more costly than the entirety of youth services currently provided by local authorities.” The analysis of NCS by the committee showed that while NCS costs around £1,182 per young person for a six-week stint, an equivalent German programme cost £1,228 per young person for a whole year’s work-based volunteering.

The report also says, “Around 85% of young people’s waking hours are spent outside formal education, yet each year local authorities spend 55 times more on formal education than they do on providing services for young people outside the school day… We acknowledge that there have already been very significant, disproportionate cuts to local authority youth services—a situation which the Minister acknowledged—ranging from 20% to 100%.”


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