Outdoor Education

The BBC has reported that 95% of all local council-funded outdoor education centres have had their entire funding cut. The report said that “Children from poorer homes could be denied the chance to go on school trips to outdoor education centres”.  It said that a third of all the council-funded out door centres now feel their future is uncertain and 12 outdoor education centres are set to shut. A blog at Lib Dem Voice has further examined the consequences of the closure of outdoor education centres.


One Response to Outdoor Education

  1. Getting kids (and the rest of us too) outside and enjoying the experience so that they see it as ‘normal’ is fundamental to their health and well-being. Lack of light may well lead to depression and generally poor mental health.
    Getting 30 minutes absolute minimum of daylight onto your skin every single day is the very first step in The Happiness Programme. You can read this pre-publication on my blog http://www.thehappinessprogramme.blogspot.com where I post twice-weekly excerpts.
    Outdoor education centres could lead to long-term cost-free improvements in health and well-being, so scrapping them is The Little Society at its most foolish.

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