Lancashire, Wandsworth and Cumbria

Lancashire County Council has released information about its decisions on the reorganisation of its Young People Service (YPS). Over the next three years, YPS budgets will reduce by around £8.4million, following the Council’s loss of £179m in government funding. In future, resources will be concentrated on the 13 to 19 age group, areas of highest deprivation, areas with the highest concentrations of young people and on those who are most vulnerable. There will be no reduction in grants to the voluntary sector.

Wandsworth Council has proposed to charge parents £2.50 per child to play in Battersea Park’s adventure playground at the weekends. The council said, “The introduction of the pilot charging scheme at weekends is intended to assess the feasibility of recouping some of the costs associated with the Adventure Playground in order to sustain the provision in the longer term. During the pilot, charges will not be levied on weekdays during school holidays, or after school hours during term time.” After it was raised in Parliament Education Secretary Michael Gove said free parks were a “responsibility” for councils. Play England is gathering information about where cuts have been falling across the sector and is asking for those who have a story to tell to post it on their Facebook page.

Cumbria County Council’s children and young people’s scrutiny panel voted to back the recent decision made by the ruling cabinet to end some discretionary transport schemes in order to save around £2m a year. This means the end of free travel for a range of children and young people including nursery tots, sixth formers and further education college students, who will now have to find £350 for an annual pass. Those from low-income families will still travel for free.


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