Giving White Paper

The Cabinet Office has published the Giving White Paper. The paper aims to make it easier and more attractive to give time and money to good causes. It seeks to renew Britain’s culture of philanthropy by working with charities and businesses to support new ways for people to contribute which fit into busy modern lives.

The financial commitments include:

  • A £30 million fund to improve the effectiveness of infrastructure organisations that support front line organisations.
  • A £10million Social Action Fund to support the most promising ideas for growing giving in priority areas in England and boosting levels of engagement over the next two years.
  • £1 million to support NCVYS member Youthnet which runs the volunteering website
  • £700,000 to support Philanthropy UK connecting wealthy people with charities that need their support.
  • £400,000 support from Government and NESTA to trial ‘Spice’ in England which gives volunteers ‘thank yous’ like vouchers or discounts with local businesses when they do good things for the community.
  • Challenge Prizes, of up to £100,000 for the best solutions to volunteer challenges.

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