Durham, Ealing and Camden

Durham County Council‘s Children and Young People’s Services plans to axe 240 posts, due to the council having to make £120m worth of cuts. Plans for young people’s services are being revised, with newly introduced One Point teams to perform much of the work. Around 50 posts are expected to be lost, mostly in the Connexions advice and support service, and unions have warned that young people will be the losers.

London Borough of Ealing Council has reduced proposed budget cuts to the voluntary and community sector of 30% and 35% in the next two years to 11% and 21% respectively.  This will rise to 30% for 2013/14 but subject to a further review in summer 2012 in light of local and national circumstances. Civil society groups have also been successful in persuading the local primary care trust to substantially recast their original proposals for cutting local sector funding. The Council has also agreed to ringfence £527,000 of returned London Councils grant funding for use by the local voluntary sector this financial year, meaning there will actually be an increase in local sector funding in 2011/12 or around 8%.

Camden Council is to cut its voluntary and community sector budget from £9m to £6.5m as it attempts to deal with an overall funding gap of almost £100m. As part of the Council’s ‘VCS investment and support programme for 2012-15’ it has launched a new £1m equalities and cohesion fund, targeted at reducing inequalities faced by vulnerable groups. A community centres fund will provide £1.25m a year for three years via grants of £100,000 per organisation per year to fund centres providing activities to the communities they serve.


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