Blackburn, Sheffield and Warwickshire

NCVYS member KIDS has losst £80,000 from Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council. Services which offer disabled children and young people crucial opportunities to enjoy local leisure services are to close from April 2011. Around 28 children and young people aged from four to 18 currently benefit from the service and are supported by seven staff.

The charity Sheffield Futures is facing £750,000 of cuts to its operations, which include careers advice and a variety of support services for vulnerable young people, including youth clubs, services for pregnant teenagers, children in care, young offenders, young people with no qualifications and young people with alcohol and drug problems. It receives the majority of its remaining £4.5 million funding from city council and Government, and following the resignation of the Chief Executive and several board members, the city council has appointed an interim. Union representatives believe it could have gone into administration without the council’s intervention.

Warwickshire County Council is set to cut three quarters of South Warwickshire’s youth services. Three centres look likely to close, as services for young people which are focused mainly on leisure activities are being targeted, with the council claiming these are not its responsibility.

Management of these will either be transferred to the voluntary sector and local communities, or the buildings will be sold off. Warwickshire County Council does plan to maintain Lillington Youth and Community Centre as a ‘centre of excellence’, and as a facility paramount to early intervention services in the area. The council removed funding the entire youth service – which includes all 34 youth groups in Warwickshire – last year in order to save £3.5million, putting 359 jobs at risk.

The decision saw communities, campaigners and unions fighting to try and stop the cull and petitions – one totalling 12,746 signatures – were submitted. The council then announced it was putting aside £1million for a ‘Transformation of Youth Service’ – which would see mobile services set up and roaming youth workers conducting meetings in places such as coffee shops.


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