Survey of children and families charity sector

Children England have published Counting the Cuts: The impact of public sector spending cuts on children’s charities. It analyses the results of a survey of Children England members into the effects on the children and families charity sector of spending cuts. The survey covers 71 charities with a combined annual turnover of £800m, equivalent to 70% of Children England’s membership.

It finds that the sector is “facing considerable pressures and insecurity about the future, with 71 per cent experiencing some level of cut to their funding and many at the time of survey (7-21 March) still awaiting funding decisions affecting service provision and staffing.”

Patrick Butler’s Cuts Blog in the Guardian provides a summary of the report, which finds that children’s centres, Sure Start services, youth work, family support, respite care for disabled children, and play services are among the worst hit services. Early intervention services have proved particularly vulnerable to cuts, with work with fathers, teenage parents and homeless children also badly affected.

The report concludes, “The sector is in danger of becoming the ‘squeezed middle’, taking the brunt of cuts and the effects of the economic downturn themselves along with the impact of chaotic commissioning processes in relation to staffing and services, whilst at the same time being closest to picking up increased demand for their services from families affected by cutbacks.”


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