Arts Council funding (updated)

Arts Council England (ACE) has removed 206 bodies from its portfolio of regularly funded organisations, most of which are charities. It comes after the Government cut its grant aid to the Arts Council’s 2011 to 2015 budget by 30%. 15% of this cut has been passed on to the budget for the grants. The national portfolio of 695 organisations replaces the previous regularly funded portfolio of 849. The announcement included £10.5 million of lottery funding each year targeted at work with children and young people.

NCVYS member National Association of Youth Theatres (NAYT) “faces closure” following the loss of support, as a previous Regularly Funded Organisation, from ACE. “NAYT is heavily reliant upon government funding to provide a service to over 1,300 groups and with both the Department for Education and now ACE both withdrawing support the educational charity which supports approximates 65,000 young people’s participation in theatre, faces closure if alternative funding is not secured.”

Jill Adamson, NAYT’s Chief Executive, said: “Participation barely features at all in the new portfolio and putting an emphasis on investment in young people only as audiences is short sighted and narrow minded. Young people who are encouraged to make theatre are far more likely to go and see it.” NAYT is encouraging supporters to sign a petition and to donate money to show support for the value of NAYT’s work.

The Guardian has listed other organisations affected by the announcement, including the 110 new organisations added to the portfolio. This list includes NCVYS member the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, which will see an 11% reduction in funding (in real terms – i.e. after adjusting for inflation) between now and 2014-15 , as well as the British Youth Opera and Burnley Youth Theatre.


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