Harrow, Lewisham, Wolverhampton and Devon

The Guardian’s 50 Cuts project is a snapshot of the impact of the Government’s cuts programme. These include:

Harrow youth offending team has had a cut of £150,000 (30% of its income). The team works with about 300 10- to 18-year-olds each year and handles 100 court orders at any one time. Many of the young offenders face exclusion from school, have learning disabilities, mental health issues, or demonstrate violent behaviour and self-harm.

Lewisham Connexions centre has had a cut of £1.6m (100% of its income). 35 staff will lose their jobs on 1 April. The centre has helped 15,000 teenagers every year since it was set up a decade ago. More than half of the 13- to 25-year-olds who seek advice are, or are in danger of becoming, NEETs. The centre has specialised in giving advice to pregnant teenagers and young people with housing problems.

KicFM youth radio station in Wolverhampton has had a cut of £100,000 (100% of its income). The organisation has given more than 4,000 teenagers the chance to learn how to be a radio producer, reporter or researcher over the last 11 years, but it is due to close on 1 April.

Dulverton and District Young People’s Project has had a cut of £12,000 (100% of its funding from Somerset county council). The club on the edge of Exmoor in north Devon is open five nights a week and has more than 50 members (the local middle school has a roll of only 150, an indication of how well the club is used). There are special nights – one for girls and another for children who are carers or who are vulnerable in some way.


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