Gloucestershire, Cumbria, and North Tyneside

Gloucestershire County Council has approved a four-year programme of cuts totalling £114m. The plans will see 22 youth centres and 10 libraries close unless communities come forward to run them.

Cumbria County Council is making net savings of £33 million in their budget for 2011/12. The cuts include grants for children’s services, putting some Sure Start Centres at risk; £1.186m from the Connexions youth service; and £603,000 in sports grants and £68,000 in grants to cultural organisations.

Mary Glindon MP (North Tyneside, Labour) has spoken about cuts to North Tyneside council of £185,000 to the voluntary sector and £106,000  to various youth services. Minister of State for Decentralisation Greg Clark spoke in response about “the examples of positive councils such as Reading, Thurrock, Lancaster, Ipswich, Watford, Stafford, Rugby, Redditch, Crawley and Wolverhampton-10 councils that are either maintaining or increasing their support to the voluntary sector at this time.”


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