Councils not cutting the VCS, Westminster and Shropshire

The Communities Secretary Eric Pickles spoke at the National Council of Voluntary Organisations annual conference in praise of those councils that have recognised that voluntary and community groups could hold the key to better value and better services when setting their budgets. These include:

  • Thurrock and Wolverhampton have all pledged to continue funding the voluntary sector at the same rates.
  • Wiltshire have said that they need flourishing voluntary sector organisations today more than ever before and that “to weaken the sector by withdrawing support would be a big mistake”.
  • Reading are increasing the money they give to voluntary groups

Westminster Council plans to cut more than £1m from the grants it gives to voluntary sector organisations over the next two years. The council plans to make cuts from several budgets, including £633,000 from its adult and community services grants budget and £425,000 from its children’s services grants budget.

Senior managers at Shropshire Council have agreed to take a 5% pay cut, with the money saved being used to set up a charitable trust to help young people. The initial endowment for the trust will be about £30,000, with plans for it to grow with further donations in the future.


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