Health funding and cuts

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and Care Services Minister Paul Burstow have announced that 106 charities around the country will receive a share of £3.6 million. The money is part of a Financial Assistance Fund set up to support charities, which would not otherwise have survived to the end of the financial year. This will enable these organisations to continue their valuable work and supporting thousands of people with a whole range of needs.

Cancer charity Clic Sargent has warned that families of children and young people with cancer will be worse off under government plans outlined in the Welfare Reform Bill. Under the proposals to reform Disability Living Allowance (DLA), families could have to wait until six months after their child’s cancer diagnosis to claim DLA, rather than the current three months.

A blogpost at Left Foot Forward has suggested that the Welfare Reform Bill “also contains a small, but significant, new cut: the ‘youth provision’ is being removed from contributory Employment and Support Allowance.” ESA-C is a benefit for unemployed disabled people who have paid sufficient National Insurance. It is currently a lifetime award, although further recently announced government changes will mean that from 2012 it is time-limited for one year. After this point disabled people who do not pass a household means test (for example because they have savings or live with a partner who works) will lose all benefit entitlement, while those whose incomes are low enough will move to an income based version.


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