York, Haringey and Greenwich

City of York council has agreed a new budget, with savings of £21m being made. This “will hit services for the elderly, children and young people and libraries.” A Labour councillor claimed the budget plan would result in less money for teenage pregnancy funding and would “decimate” youth services.

Haringey Council has made a 75% cut to the youth service (this cut is estimated to be £2 million). The council runs over 21 projects to over 4400 teenagers across the borough including 13 youth centres (8 of which, according to the Save Haringey Youth Services group, had already been closed by the council in the last 6 months) and the Haringey Youth Council. Members of the Save Haringey Youth Services group spoke at a Council meeting about the value of the service.

Youthreach has had its funding of £118,000 from Greenwich Council cut by 100% and will have to close. Youthreach has been providing a counselling service for young people aged 11-25 for 24 years. It works with young people who are vulnerable, often isolated, at risk from harm/abuse and potentially alienated from their family and peer groups and who often feel excluded from mainstream service provision. The organisation provides therapeutic support for at a minimum 350 young people per year, and has been described by the Service Manager at Greenwich CAMHS  as ‘one we can’t manage without’.


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