Hull, Oxfordshire and Liverpool

The Union Unite has said that Hull City Council is axing £4 million from the youth service, which will mean 75% of the youth service will be lost. Unite expects that 75 out of 131 youth service jobs will be lost and three major centres will close to be replaced by area-based teams. A local news report gives further details of cuts. Funding for Hull Youth Council, the Youth Parliament and the Right and Participation Project (RAPP) will be ended. Projects involving teenage pregnancy advice, family group conferencing services and a 24-hour intervention unit for youngsters with emergency care needs are also facing closure. Funding is also being pulled for two youth-based motor projects in Bransholme and in Chapman Street. The city’s youth music service is facing a £511,000 funding cut as part of the city council’s budget proposals.

Oxfordshire County Council has reduced its budget by £119m. 20 libraries and more than 20 youth centres are set to close. UNITE have said that the council will no longer employ any youth workers on JNC and the title of youth worker will be replaced with community HUB worker.

Volunteer Centre Liverpool will lose £200,000 of v funding and will be making 5 staff redundant from 31 March. This will result in the loss of specific support to 16-25 year olds wanting to volunteer and remove their ability to work with groups to help them develop volunteering opportunities which are attractive and accessible to young people.


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