Gloucestershire, West Midlands and Hampshire

BREAD Youth Project has lost 71% of its funding, equal to over £225,000, following the loss of v and local government funding. Bread works with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people living in Bristol. In 2010/11 Bread delivered four major projects focusing on youth inclusion, health education, development of key skills, community cohesion and youth volunteering. Three of the four projects will no longer exist in 2011/12: six staff will be made redundant and young people will be at even greater risk of exclusion.

Rathbone Vflex Sandwell is losing £300,000 of v funding. There will be staff redundancies and some volunteer involving organisations will have to reduce their delivery due to the loss of the young volunteers. The local community is unlikely to continue to benefit from young people volunteering in the area as the local volunteer centre does not work with under-18s.

Basingstoke Voluntary Services is losing £160,000 of v funding and will no longer be delivering the youth volunteer service for North Hampshire. Six specialist and extremely qualified and experienced staff will be made redundant by 31 March. 1,350 young people are currently volunteering or engaged in community projects, and will lose their support and link to youth friendly volunteering opportunities and projects. Diversity work will end, which successfully engaged those who would not have traditionally volunteered.


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