Voluntary Sector Cuts website

Voluntary Sector Cuts is a new collaborative project which maps intelligence about voluntary groups experiencing reductions in public sector funding. It is a joint project bringing together NCVYS and other national and regional voluntary networks. Faiza Chaudary, Director of Policy and Communications of NCVYS said: ‘We have been leading the way in monitoring the impact of cuts on our members and the young people that they work with. It is important that the sector continues to document these stories and NCVYS is committed to advocating on behalf of those most at risk from the cuts.’

If you’re involved in a voluntary or community group which has been told its statutory funding will be reduced, you can be part of this work by sharing your story on the website. Just fill in a simple form to share your experiences and the impact the cuts will have on the people who use your services.

Your contribution will be crucial to building a wider picture of the scale of the challenge ahead in your community, your region, or nationally. Cuts that you share here will be made available publicly in a google spreadsheet. By making all the data public,  any group can use the information in their campaigning and policy work, and citizens can see the real impact on voluntary organisations in their area.


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