Cambridgeshire, Birmingham, Liverpool and Cheshire East

Cambridgeshire County Council is proposing to make £18.1m cuts to children’s services. Youth services and direct support for children with disabilities are among the areas likely to be hit. The council is planning a “fundamental shift from universal to targeted services”. As part of this, £1m will be cut from the youth services budget and a further £1m will be lost from children and young people’s disability services. Other areas facing reductions are school transport, children’s centres and cuts of £315,000 to the budget for educating looked-after children.

Birmingham City Council is reported to be cutting its youth service budget  by £3m this year and a further £1m over the next three years, leaving a budget of £1.8m.

Liverpool City Council has offered redundancy to around 50 managers and admin staff in the youth service. The council currently spends £10m on youth services.

However, Cheshire East Council has proposed to increase its children’s services budget despite a 25% cut in government grants over the next four years. The children’s services department will be given a boost of £900,000, which the council claims will help to meet its commitments to looked-after children.

But the measure does not mean all areas will be protected — the council said it will “reduce activity levels” where acceptable and improve commissioning to reduce cost in other areas. “The local authority will be reducing the scale of youth support services previously commissioned and will be pursuing commissioning of future delivery to ensure young people continue to receive information, advice and guidance services with other services being targeted to those young people at risk of poor outcomes.”


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