Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Hounslow

Surrey County Council is discussing a plan to outsource youth services to the voluntary sector. The council is also proposing to cut the youth service budget from £16.1m to £11.1m over the next two years. As part of the plans, the council said it would give 11 local committees up to £200,000 a year to run projects agreed with young people from the area. It would also join forces with further educational colleges to run vocational courses in its 35 youth clubs.

Buckinghamshire County Council is making spending cuts of £58 million, with about 300 staff posts set to be axed. Proposed cuts to the council’s ‘achievement and learning’ budget total £3.5 million, with a £825,000 reduction to spending on the youth service. Under the Children & Young People department, more than £4.4 million is set to be chopped from the ‘safeguarding’ budget, which includes fostering and the youth offender service.

Hounslow Council is planning to end all council-funded elements of Hounslow Youth Service, saving an estimated £860,000, as it seeks to reduce next year’s budget by £18 million. The youth service, helps more than 5,000 people a year and the cuts would mean the closure of two youth centres – Southville, in Bedfont, and Focus, in Hounslow, plus the abolition of the borough’s only youth counselling service. The voluntary youth organisation HAAYA (Hounslow Asian and African Youth Association) and Hounslow Youth Council have organised a rally against the cuts.


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