Solihull, Warrington, Torbay and Worcestershire

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council has published plans on how it will deal with a cut in Government cash support to save £15.2m. The council said youth services will be concentrated “in the most appropriate areas” and “areas of lesser need may no longer be offered a permanent youth service base.”

The Warrington South Member of the Youth Parliament has said that Warrington Borough Council plans to make £1,073,000 savings in Children and Young People’s Services in the period from April 2011 to March 2012, with a further £1,410,000 savings proposed to be made from April 2012 to March 2015. He also said that because of council cuts, Connexions Warrington had lost £530,000 from its budget, and 47% of the workers have been let go, with many remaining workers reducing their hours in order to prevent more job losses. Young people are planning to stage a mass protest outside Warrington Town Hall next Monday to raise awareness of the proposed cuts in youth services in the borough.

Torbay Council plans to make savings of £2.1million in its children’s services. A report suggests that there will be a cut of £150,000 in the youth service, which may lead to the loss of two full time youth workers. It also suggests cuts of £42,000 in the Youth Justice Service, including Targeted Youth Support. Other cuts will affect school transport, children with disabilities and young people leaving care. The report warns that the cuts will lead to a rise in youth crime, anti-social behaviour and the number of children being taken into care.

A councillor at Worcestershire County Council has suggested that the council plans to cut the youth service budget by 50%.


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