Updated report on cuts facing young people

NCVYS has published Comprehensive Cuts – Part 2, which takes stock of changes in funding and the policies of the Coalition Government, and their impact on young people and the voluntary and community youth sector. This report builds on Comprehensive Cuts, which analysed the changes up until October, and gives additional details on developments since the Comprehensive Spending Review in October 2010. The Guardian has published an article which analyses the latest report and includes comments from the former children’s commissioner for England, Sir Al Aynsley-Green.

NCVYS is particularly concerned about the cumulative impact of the changes: the overall picture is one of less financial support for young people, receding support for those working with young people to develop them and reduced investment in the charitable sector which could be a source for training, skills development and employment opportunities for young people.

Commenting on the report, NCVYS Chief Executive Susanne Rauprich said:

By failing to take a comprehensive view of the cumulative impact that the cuts agenda places on young people we are risking unintended consequences that could in the long term prevent a large number of young people, and in particular those that are already disadvantaged, from realising their true potential.  No doubt, many young people will be left behind.

For example, whilst the localism agenda undoubtedly brings opportunities for communities, the loss of the ring fence around Local Authority grants has led to a reduction of youth services. This is the only service designed to facilitate young people’s community action or helps them to develop the confidence and skills that they need to play an active part locally.

Scrapping Education Maintenance Allowances, imposing significant cuts to employment benefit and abandoning the Future Jobs Fund all hits the same group of young people. Members of our network like Centrepoint are already reporting extreme concern from young people facing the imposition of cuts to housing benefits which will add to the burden of trying to find work in an unforgiving economic climate.

NCVYS campaigned for a Youth Impact Assessment prior to the election.  This was our move to ensure all emerging policy supported young people’s futures.  Whilst we were successful in securing support from the Liberal Democrats on this, we found young people dropping down the priority list as the Coalition Agreement emerged.  We are now working towards a cross-departmental Youth Summit to gather key ministers together in order to formulate a cohesive approach to young people’s issues across departments. Our update to Comprehensive Cuts truly highlights how important this approach is, if decisions from the centre are to serve those that need it most – our young people.


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