An officer at Norfolk County Council has written an impact assessment of the proposal to end the council’s £4m youth service. It shows that this year the service, which has been running for decades, has delivered 300 projects that have impacted 15,000 Norfolk 11-19-year-olds and involved them in more than 22,500 hours of activities.

The impact assessment highlights the potential fallout from axing the service, including:

● A big reduction in the number of “safe” places for young people to go

● Higher levels of crime and antisocial behaviour in Norfolk’s towns and villages

● More young people who are not in education, employment or training (Neet)

● Increased mental health problems among young people

● The closure of some voluntary youth groups, which rely on support and funding from the county service

● Increased pregnancy among teenagers

● More children going into care.

The report adds that 95 voluntary groups currently use space in the 11 youth work buildings across Norfolk and says: “They will no longer be able to use these venues when the funding ceases. This will impinge upon a wide range of organisations from Young Farmers to playgroups. Two-thirds of user groups cater for vulnerable groups.”


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