Department for Education call for grant funding

The Department for Education has published a national prospectus which outlines the key activities which it wishes to fund directly at a national level to support children, young people and families. The Department is inviting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for grant funding for the following 6 themes:

o Families and Relationships
o Early Years and Childcare
o Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Disabilities
o Children in Care
o Child protection and safeguarding
o Young People

In addition the Department is also inviting EOIs for grant funding for a new Strategic Partner Programme. The deadline for EOIs is 12 noon on 9 December 2010. A copy of the prospectus, the EOI application forms and a supporting Frequently Asked Questions document can be downloaded from their website.

Funding under the CYPF grant programme ceases on 31 March 2011. The bidding process outlined in the prospectus will be a significant (but not the only) vehicle for DfE’s future funding to the sector. However, it is not intended as a direct replacement for the CYPF grant programme.


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