Comprehensive Spending Review

NCVYS is producing a briefing on the Comprehensive Spending Review which will be available later today. The following announcements are of particular importance for NCVYS members:

  • The Office for Civil Society will have a budget of £470m over the next four years, which will go towards building the voluntary and community sector’s capacity to deliver the government’s Big Society agenda.
  • £100m of the £470m will go to a Transitional Fund to help the voluntary and community sector adjust to a tougher funding environment.
  • Councils will see an average 7.1% annual fall in their budgets, amounting to more than 25% over four years, and ring-fencing of local authority revenue grants will end.
  • The Department for Education is cutting the non-school budget by 12% in real terms by 2015, and this includes ‘rationalising and ending centrally directed programmes for children, young people and families’.
  • The Government will look at setting proportions of youth services that should be delivered by independent providers (including the voluntary and community sector)
  • Education Maintenance Allowances will be ended, saving £0.5 billion, and replaced with targeted support for those who face genuine financial barriers to participation.
  • There will be ‘unit cost reductions in the 16 to 19 participation budget’.
  • The Charity Commission’s budget will be cut by more than a quarter over the next four years.
  • There will be a £7 billion cut to the welfare budget in addition to a departmental cut of 19% over four years.
  • Child benefit will continue to paid until a child leaves full time education at the age of 18 or even 19.

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