Comprehensive cuts facing the voluntary and community youth sector

NCVYS has published ‘Comprehensive cuts’, the result of a joint survey of over a hundred organisations working in the sector conducted by NCVYS and Children and Young People Now magazine. It reveals the full extent of the devastating impact that budget cuts are having on the voluntary and community youth sector.

More than two-thirds of voluntary and community organisations working in the youth sector have seen their income slashed in the last twelve months. Respondents who are already going through funding cuts have seen their income drop by a fifth on average. Of the organisations which have not yet experienced a reduction in funding, three quarters are already reducing their programmes in expectation of cuts in the next year.

The report shows that sources of funding for the voluntary and community youth sector are being squeezed on all sides. The majority of respondents highlighted cuts in grants from local authorities as their biggest loss of funding but many also identified the impact of cuts in central government funding as well as the reduction in grants through v for volunteering initiatives.

A number of case studies contained in the report show the real impact that these cuts will have on front line services. Northamptonshire YMCA is losing over £1m, the vast majority of its income, because the Supporting People grant – Cut by £30 million by the Department for Communities and Local Government – is no longer supporting Hostel type projects. All their housing support, which prevented problems that can lead to homelessness or institutional care, as well as five out of six youth and community projects, are to be ended.

NCVYS Chief Executive Susanne Rauprich commented:
“Our report, Comprehensive cuts, shows the real impact that a sudden reduction in funding is having on the voluntary and community youth sector. A wide range of respondents to the survey painted a picture of a sector that is clearly preparing for the worst.”

“You can’t empower communities without empowering young people, and nor can you achieve excellence in education without investing in youth work. Cutting youth services now is risking the loss of vital support to the most vulnerable at a time when it matters greatly. Big visions like the Big Society need small investments.”


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